See price table below for smaller quantities.

Prices include full color CD, jewel case, full color front insert and 1-sided tray card

Units 2 panel
front insert
4 panel
front insert
6 panel
front insert
8 panel
front insert
100 $229 $257 $281 $401
200 $436 $494 $540 $740
300 $639 $720 $789 $1,062
500 $800 $890 $980 $975
1000 $1,039 $1,159 $1,239 $1,349


The Jewel Case is still the traditional retail standard for music CDs and one of our top selling cases. These hard plastic cases are a great way to package your CDs, with its available front and back spaces to display your artwork, song list or whatever marketing content you want to include.


  • Folded: 5.59″W x 4.92″H x 0.39″D
  • Unfolded: 10.8125″W x 4.92″H


  • Full color printing is standard on all jewel case inserts.
  • Full color duplicated discs include premium glossy print at no extra charge.
  • Your discs in jewel cases can ship as early as tomorrow.
  • Order as few as 1 jewel case, with easy online ordering up to 5000 units
  • Make your CD jewel cases retail ready with a UPC barcode and polywrap.
  • Proudly made and assembled in the U.S.A.

As low as $ 1.04 each

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