• Blu-rays in Blu-ray Cases

    As low as $ 3.08


    • Full Color, Blu-Ray(s)
    • Blu-Ray Case
    • Blu-Ray Wraparound Cover
    • Disc Production: Duplication


  • Blu-rays in Paper Sleeves

    As low as $ 2.57
    • Full Color, Blu-Ray(s)
    • Paper Sleeve
    • Disc Production: Duplication
  • Bulk Blu-rays

    As low as $ 2.99
    • 300 units, Full Color, Blu-Ray(s)
    • Disc Production: Duplication
  • UPC Barcodes

    $ 19.00


    A UPC, which stands for Universal Product Code, is a 12-digit bar code used primarily in Canada and the United States. Retailers add UPCs to each item they sell in order to track their product inventory.

  • Your Own Package


    Professional CD and DVD Cover Printing and Custom Disc Packaging.

    • Customize your discs and CD & DVD packaging with full color printing
    • Most disc packaging options available as fast as 1 day production
    • Wide choice of disc packaging, including eco wallets, custom CD sleeves & digipaks