How important is marketing a product or service? While one cannot assign a tangible value to marketing, ROI or Return on Investment can be easily calculated. Sometimes the most ordinary product or service is marketed in such a way that it becomes a super-hit. And the biggest example of how marketing can create magic is the music industry.

Of course, the magic of marketing is short lived if the musician has no talent. There is only so much that marketing and brand building can do. Still the recording companies can convert ordinary musicians into global stars. They invest money in creating music albums and they have to invest in marketing to see that the albums are sold. And the albums sell, at least initially. The recording company makes its money and then junks the musician after a couple of years.


The music industry cannot survive without marketing. There are thousands among us that can string together words and music to create songs. And some of us are extremely talented. Some of us are lucky that the recording companies pick us up and market our talents. But for many musicians, capital investment in marketing is a challenge. And there are companies that help such musicians.

There are some cost effective and yet powerful ways to promote music singles and albums. Custom CD/DVD creation is one such way. If a music artist wants to promote their album, they can do so to a large extent by getting attractively packaged CDs or DVDs created. The total cost of this activity is not much, but the brand visibility is extremely high. If the CD/DVD cover is properly designed, it is bound to attract attention. And if the content inside is good enough, one never knows to what extent success can be achieved.


There are also other ways to promote music – through custom designed t-shirts and hats and other merchandize. If someone wants to promote their music video, going blu-ray is a great option to choose. One can even extend their budget (if the initial sales figures are handsome) by getting other marketing materials created – USBs, flyers and posters and so on. All these are simple methods, but they can create massive impact in the minds of the music lovers.

If you are an independent music producer and want to promote your music, take your destiny in your own hands by marketing your music in effective and cost controlled ways. There are people to help you out . Use their expertise and you could be the next music superstar in the making.