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Audio/Video Services

Whether you need minor enhancement such as volume equalization for your album, or prefer a legendary Hollywood Studio to master your music, or in need of video authoring for your DVD or Blue-Ray project, you’ll find our professional Audio/Video a great addition to your order. You can now simply add those services to your Disc Project.

Audio Mastering

Mastering is an important and necessary final part of professional audio production. After your recording engineer is finished, the mastering engineer works to make your tracks and album sound their best outside the studio – on radios, ear buds, phones and cars. Professional audio mastering adds sonic clarity and radio-ready volume to your audio using compression and EQ, and results in more seamless continuity to your album.

Add Sonic Punch to your Audio with Professional Mastering

2 Levels of Service to meet your Budget.

Let your music sound it’s best.



Volume Leveling

Enhanced Volume


Free Revision Round

Mastered by Legendary Hollywood Studio

Number of Tracks Included

Each Additional Tracks

Turnaround Time






3 to 5 business days


 $ 299




5 to7 business days

Video Authoring

Video authoring converts your film files to a format that allows for DVD and/or Blu-Ray duplication and replication. In addition to encoding from your standard or high-definition source materials, our professional authoring engineers can also add many audience friendly chapter and menu elements for navigation, visual impact and improved fan experience. We can also author your video projects for standard film festival format.

Professional Video Authoring For A Hollywood Look And Feel

3 Levels of Service to meet your Budget




Starting at:


Up to 90 minutes of video

Stereo audio

5 business days turn



Starting at:


Up to 180 minutes of video

Stereo audio

5 business days turn



Starting at:


Up to 90 minutes of video

Stereo audio

5 business days turn